Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Weight Loss and Perfect Body

We are leaving in a world where everything is empathised on how we look, what we wear, what we eat what we shouldn't eat. The size 0 factors had been going for a few years now personally I don't agree with models being a stick thin. I was a model but I didn't starve myself to fit in a certain dress but I knew girls who did and they ended up fainting because their body was too weak. The difference was that nobody walked towards us and orders us to starve ourselves it was a choice these girls had to go through. Frail weak bodies with the bones showing are not attractive.
I think she has what we call the perfect body
I agree with some of the models being too skinny they should look real not so close to mannequins. Those fashion designers might place mannequins at the catwalk if they want the perfect. However, this entire size 0 factor became speculations not to mention an attack on the naturally skinny people like me that we suffer from eating disorders. That is very hurtful and painful to overtake when you know your stomach is not empty. Once a woman asked me are you anorexic? It was ridiculous that I had to defend myself against such accusation. It doesn't accord to some people that we eat whatever we desire and don't live on leafs and we don't gain weight because our body is made that way, fast metabolism or it can be genetic. I like the part of me when I want to a burger or chocolate and I don't have to sacrifice myself for it I indulge myself on it of course I don't eat them daily.
I take care of myself I eat my fruit and veg. My favoirte dish is pasta it has crabs I know but agian I don't eat it daily lets just say twice a week.  I don't do any form excises expect I walk and I like to swim. Nevertheless I don't practice any sports or go to the gym either. And if you are wondering because once I read a comment from a vile woman that drugs keeps women skinny, no I never touched that crap either there are many vicious tongues out there. I am twenty seven years, 5 ft 9 I weight about 58 to 60kg and a size 10 to 12 call me whatever you want but it is sad that I for one have to take this judgment. I'm nutrually skinny get over it!

So we have come to the situation that every healthy and slim looking girl is anorexic. Some say that the size of real women is a size 14 to 16 while others say that size is fat! Will you make up your minds up!!! So, if you are size 10 you are way too skinny a size 14 and 16 too fat wow I guess its hard work to look to a perfection which there is no such thing. Everyone suffers from body insecurities but I am tired of reading about this weight factor to make us feel any better. The really bad thing is calling a girl who is a size 10 fat she might end up having eating disorders because in head she starts see herself as overweight. Please leave us alone. There are more important things happening in this world than attacking the natrually skinny women.

She is another example of curves
A natrually skinny actress!
This is a photo of me taken way back in my hey day as model I was twenty two years old here still my body hadn't changed that much yes I am thin!

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