Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Celebrity Hair Extension Transformations

Hi Goddesses! Most celebrities in Hollywood wear hair extensions, whether it's for temporary use such as appearances, or an everyday addiction. My opinion is they wear hair extensions for appearances, and then obsess over how fabulous their hair looks, they end up getting sucked into wearing them all the time. It's unfortunate there aren't many stylists out there experienced enough because a lot of celebrities suffer from major hair loss; such as Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and many others. You can view their hair loss in my previous blog post.
In this blog post, I will actually be showing celebrity hair extension makeovers. I hope everyone enjoys!

Nicole Richie's extensions showing. The placement is extremely off. If you are a new stylist, placement is key; You need to make sure you do not go extremely high up, because when the wind blows, this will occur!
 Her hair extensions are extremely stringy here; needs a trim.
 Perfect. Nicole's hair extensions are full, well groomed, and the color is on point. There are no words for how amazing her hair looks at the awards.
Britney Spears is "notorious" for having the worst hair extensions ever. I actually feel bad for her stylist. She shaved her head, and went through a craze of wearing her hair up and not caring about whether or not the hair extensions were showing. I think her and her stylist are both to blame, but Britney more.

 She finally looks normal! I think her being a brunette will definitely help increase her career. New hair, new Britney.
Jennifer Lopez is an IDOL. However, her hair extensions are excessive. You can tell she doesn't have much of her own hair because her hair line is pushed back. ( Perhaps from slicking her hair back one too many times.)
I think as an artist, actress, etc She is constantly in the spotlight and wants her hair to look extremely full. When someone has thin hair such as JLO- you need to wear less extensions, so they aren't weighing down your natural hair.
 Below if you look close you can see one of her "glued" hair extensions.
 Whoever styles her hair regularly does an amazing job to conceal the hair extensions for the most part. 
Lindsey Lohan went through a Britney Spears phase of not caring whether or not her hair extensions were showing. 

 Here in 2013, Lindsey looks polished and more presentable. Her hair extensions are also color matched much better than in the past.

Blake Lively before hair extensions. 
Blake Lively transformed by her amazing hair extensions. She became a blonde goddess.
 Everything about Stacy Keibler in the picture below is WRONG. The hair extensions clearly do not match the color of her natural hair. The stylist only used one color of extensions, BLONDE. If this was done the "Hair Goddess" way, there would be major custom blending. Time consuming, but worth every second of it.
 You can also see Stacy's hair extensions attached slightly because of the slicking of the pony tail. 
 Stacy looks amazing. She was glowing at the Oscars. Her hair seems to be more color matched than in previous photos.

These are some of my favorite celebrities & it's so exciting to see them transform hair extensions and styles. I hope this also helped those of you that enjoy pointing out which celebs are wearing extensions or not. 
Remember #1 color match, #2 sometimes you can see how their attached at root, #3 sometimes you are also able to see their natural hair underneath. (shorter length peaking out)

Christina XX

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