Saturday, October 8, 2011

Haircut 2011 : Short Chin Length

When women think of short hairstyles, what usually comes to mind is hair that is cut way above the shoulders or even those extremely short pixie cuts that often scares women away from a shorter cut. Long flowing hair can produce some very charming looks but women should be aware of some very beautiful short hairstyles that are not too short, fall slightly below chin length, and are very trendy and chic. The longer length allows for more complimentary hairstyles that can be styled with certain features to either enhance the facial area or soften certain facial features.

Many women change to shorter hair only after a life changing event or are looking for a huge change in life which is ok but women need to realize that short hairstyles offer the same charming looks as other looks and is actually easier to manage. Women who go through breakups, are going through personal problems, or are looking for a dramatic change will often change their hair to shorter looks no matter if they are the average women working a 9 to 5 or an award winning celebrity. Many celebrities have turned to trendy shorter hairstyles as well. Shorter hair lengths do produce a totally different look but not one that loses any style points to other looks. Women looking for a new and refreshing hairstyle should definitely consider going with shorter hair. That is why women should consider these trendy, chin length short hairstyles no matter what the decision for change is.

Short Chin Length Hairstyle

Brittany Murphy has been seen in some very stylish short hairstyles and this one is right between short and medium in length. This is a super simple cut featuring an off-center part with a little volume. The hair is given texture and combed down both sides with just a little strand that teases the eye region. The hair on the other side is opposite of the styled side and is placed behind the ear. Women should take note on the dark roots which is a strong contrast with the blond hair color. This is what creates that extra touch of this hairstyle. Women will find this hairstyle very easy to style and a refreshing change. Some styling mousse, a brush, and a blow dryer will suffice in creating a similar look once the right hair cut is in place.

Chin Length Bob Hairstyles

This is an incredible hairstyle worn by Katie Holmes and shows how to change up the chin length bob to create an alluring style. Katie takes this chin length bob and adds a sleek off-center part that is then pinned behind the ears. The sleek front part sweeps slightly over her forehead and really brings out her delicate facial features. The hairstyle also combines perfectly with the one shoulder strap dress and big loop earrings. She has used this simple hairstyle and created a trendy look that compliments her whole attire. Women often do not realize how a simple change in their current hairstyle can produce many other, lovely hairstyles. Styling the hairstyle is not hard either using some styling products and a round brush to create the sleek look at the front and the comb the hair behind the ears. Many women will find this short trendy hairstyle very flattering.

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