Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kendall & Kylie Seventeen Interview

17: What inspires your look?
Kendall: I get my personal style from my three big sisters. I also follow bunch of Tumblrs and they give me great ideas

17: How is kylie's style differen than yours?
Kendall: She likes to dress up. I like to look cute, but I wear jeans and boots to school and she wears a put together outfit. She really tries, even when it's not a big deal!

17: You've been doing some modeling. Has that changed your approach to fashion?
Kendall: I used to hate heels because I'm so tall. I would literally tower over my sisters. But I learned that thy elongate my body and make everything look better. Now they make me feel more confident.

17: What was it like to walk the runway at Fashion Week this year?
Kylie: The energy is amazing! it's nerve-racking and everyone's starring at you, but then I heard my family yelling: "Go Kylie"! It was such a good experience. I want to do it everyday of my life.

17: Do you have any fashion obsession?
Kylie: I seriously have 15 pairs of short black combat boots. My mom got me my first pair for Christmas two years ago and I didn't really get how to wear them then- but now I think they make every outfit 10 times cuter. I've worn them at least twice a weak since then.

17: Do you ever give Kendall style advice?
Kylie: We ask each other if thing look good, but she tends to hate my outfits. So now if she says something look cute, I know the outfit is wrong!

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