Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kim D Hair Extensions by Hair Goddess of NY

Hair Extensions are Hollywood's best kept secret. Every celebrity, person on the street, or your local neighbors at the grocery store are wearing hair extensions, and you didn't even know. Why? Because stylists that are trained professionally and have excessive experience perform natural looking hair extensions. One celebrity client of mine, Kim Depaola, is proud of her hair extensions and not afraid to tell the world she is wearing anything. On one of my most recent visits to Kim's fabulous store Posche Boutique in Wayne, NJ, I had the pleasure to re-create her hair extensions from basic Volume (which you never knew she was wearing) to added length. Read along and watch our video below, where you will learn the difference of Hair Goddess Of NY's custom imported hair extension system. 

I had a fabulous day with miss Kim Depaola from Posche Boutique in Wayne, NJ. Kim D hair extensions has been a client for several months now. She always wore Hair Goddess Of NY custom imported hair extensions for volume, which most of you didn't realize because they are so natural looking! Now she has transcended into longer locks. I purchased hair from Poland and Russia, and custom blended two colors in one strand creating a natural high light. (for example) Other stylists, alternate one blonde extension, one mid brown extension, which is lazy and creates an un-natural look. At Hair Goddess Of NY, I take the time and creativity to prepare and custom blend each strand, which can take hours. My work is unlike any other in the hair extension industry. Kim Depaola hair extensions will debut on BRAVO on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4. Kim D is wearing Hair extensions by me (Christina, owner of Hair Goddess of NY) at the Posche Fashion Show.

I wanted to share this video of Kim Depaola's recent hair extension appointment. Watch the video to see how I re-created her hair from start to finish.
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