Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bright Bold and Beautiful: Simply Bon Vivant

Jenna and Jessica of Simply Bon Vivant are the next hosts in my BB&B guest post series, "What is bright, bold, and beautiful to you?" Thank you J&J!

We want to start by thanking Laura from the bottom of our newbie bloggin hearts. We are so thrilled because as you all know and agree, she inspires many daily. That being said, so many things stand out as Bright, Bold and Beautiful (thus the genius of this series!) that narrowing it down wasn’t easy, however it was beyond fun. Take a little journey with us bon vivuers wont you? What is bright?

Sunday morning brunch with those you love…

What is not bright about Vueve Clicquot in a carrying case…in France?
Bold you may wonder? Red lips, anytime anywhere…
Shoes, nuff said…
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. Nothing is quiet as beautiful as that first kiss that let’s you know it’s your last…
Beauty takes many forms, and one of the most magnifique is a beautiful mind developed by books new and old…plus there’s peonies!
Merci beucoup to all of you and to Laura for taking a glimpse into the Bright, Bold&Beautiful world of Simply Bon Vivant. XO~J&J
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